Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cinderella...rag to riches?


The “rags to riches” motif is something that plays a big part in the lower class’ life. Those that actually understand the rags part of the story hope and believe in these tales. We believe this because we want to think that life will not always be a struggle for scraps—that one day it will all be worth it. I believe it takes many forms, not just money wise but within happiness too. Multiple stories center around the main character starting without whatever they want (sadness/rags) then they end up with either what they want, close enough to want they want that they are content, or they realize that is no longer their dream (happiness/riches). This is why we keep this plot around because it can foster so many themes that it appeals to so many of us. However, could this be a double edge sword? Side a you don’t believe that everything will get better if you work hard and pay your dues, so you begin to not care and you put yourself in this rut. Side b you believe and your hard work doesn’t pay off you don’t know what to do or think. Using Cinderella as an example, if she didn’t listen to her mothers words of being kind to even those who don’t deserve it, and she just gives up. She either runs away or her spirit is broken enough that she stays but doesn’t fight for her rights at all. Well, that takes away from the fairytale completely because even if we stay with this scenario, and she somehow still marries the prince, the reader may question if she really deserves her fortune. On another note, what if she remained hopeful and listened to her mother’s words, but she never marries the prince. Again, is that a fairytale then? She clearly deserves for her life to get better. She has paid her dues and then some—but nothing happens for her. I believe that this motif is just used a little beam of light at the end of the tunnel that you may reach with a combination of multiple factors.

            Cinderella is considered a “rise tale” making the question, “Can it be reached with either marriage or magic?”. Well, Of course riches and success can be given through marriage vows. This is very realistic, it happens everyday. However, does that make the riches and success truly yours? Meaning, are you truly deserving of this outcome, or are you just lucky? Of course, this is very analytical and harsh—some people are very worthy and deserving of a wealthy marriage. This motif makes you question your temperament and wonder if you are fitting of the crown; no matter the outcome. As for magic, I interpret magic in the real world to be the belief that anything could happen for you. I do believe this is realistic because its happened for a lot of people. However, it comes with a price; you must be willing to work for your success and never give up no matter how hard it gets.  

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