Friday, November 27, 2015


Over the course of the semester I have learned that everything has a deeper meaning in Fairy tales. For example, the tower in Rapunzel I thought was just an example of mother Gothel’s attempt to keep Rapunzel from the world. In reality the tower is actually a symbol of the connection between earth and the heavens. The class has also helped me take these symbols and come up with a common theme and come to my own conclusion. For example, the way that Rapunzel’s beauty is explained makes her sound like a goddess. With her tower symbolizing the connection between Earth and the Heavens the reader could logically come to the conclusion Rapunzel symbolizes a goddess. When a human comes to her tower, he disrupts her and destructs her. She begins to act like a human and becomes pregnant and is then banished from the tower. Which could be a metaphor for her being banished from the heavens.

         Another lesson I learned was how to write a logical paper. Our blogs taught us how to form ideas on multiple topics. With the blogs being short we could only build of the topic or idea a little. However, these blogs helped us create essays that explained topics with very clear ideas. Before this class I had a hard time writing papers. I would make them very complex and hard to follow. I also wouldn’t be able to explain anything because the topics were too complex. The blogs helped me practice logical flow and thought to help prove my point. They also helped me find my voice. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rapunzel vs. Tangled

Rapunzel and Tangled are suppose to be about the same female character; however, the two are very far apart in plot. The story of original story of Rapunzel deals with Rapunzel being given up as a baby and being locked away. A prince finds her and gets her pregnant. The woman who stole her then plans to hurt the prince and sends Rapunzel away. They prince gets blinded from jumping from the tower and into thorns. He finds Rapunzel and her tears heal him. This story shows maturation through Rapunzel’s character. Meaning that the tales moral has to do with maturing into an adult. Rapunzel is first held in the tower and treated as a child. She is then pregnant and leaves the tower. This shows her assuming the role of an adult.
 Tangled deals more with delivering the happy ending to the child through the actions that happen. This is displayed in the way that the actions of everyone are carried out. The thugs don’t care about Rapunzel running around with Flynn, Rapunzel was stolen as a child (didn’t want to show parents giving up their parents willingly) and the woman that stole her just wants Rapunzel back for her hair. This tale focuses more on delivering a happy ending and funny adventure that Rapunzel goes on. (This is why I believed Disney called the story Tangled and not Rapunzel.)

            The two stories deal with two different morals and in turn make the 
stories very different. The stories share hardly any similarities outside of the mother of Rapunzel needed a plant while pregnant, the girls both being locked away in a tower, and finding love at the end of the story.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Comparison of Bluebeard

Blue Beard was a story that reflects what we do not think about with fairytales. The tale brings up the point of not knowing your significant other and the damage that can do to you. The woman did not know who they were betrothed to and that almost cost them their lives. In the first version we read, Blue Beard, we see a woman marry a man because of his riches. She then disobeys his wishes and goes into a room he specifically told her to not go into the room. He then tells her that he will kill her for doing this. She is then saved by her brothers. In the second version, The Robbers Bridegroom, she travels to the mans house she is betrothed to and discovers that he is a robber and murderer. She escapes and tells her father and soon enough the robber is captured. In the last version of the story, The Fitcher’s Bird, we see two sisters fail in the hands of curiosity and a third sister use her wits. She saves her sisters then fools her husband and he is later killed—freeing all the sisters. The stories are all the same in the sense that the female roles are betrothed to a murderer. They are different in the ways that they handle the situation. In Blue Beard the woman has her brother handle the husband for her. In The Robber’s Bridegroom she invites her ‘beloved’ to the castle and tell him of a dream she had, which was really the account of what happen when she came to see him, he then runs away but is caught. In The Fitcher’s Bird the main character uses her wit to make sure she is not caught by her husband, she then fools him into delivering her sisters and getting help. The help then burns the house down with the husband in it. The story that I liked the most was Blue Beard because I found the story more interesting because of the story line. I didn’t like The Fitcher’s Bird because I found the story to be confusing and not too interesting.