Sunday, November 1, 2015

Artist: Guy & Rodd

Reading Red Riding Hood as an adult you find red riding hood (RRH) to be incredibly ignorant. As an adult you understand that she is ignorant in the story because without her being dumb there would be no story. In addition, our common sense tells us that this fairytale is not entertaining because we do not understand how one can confuse a wolf for their grandmother. A human and wolf share no similar features; however, fairytales do not dwell on these facts and ideas. That would take the magic and fun out of these tales. This does not stop us from analyzing and critiquing the tales, as shown in the comic above. This illustration is an example of a social comic with RRH as the topic. I say that it is a social comic because it speaks to our common sense and is just appealing to us as a social aspect. No hidden meaning, it openly conveys what it means. It is attractive to our common sense because it validates what that inner adult voice says to us. It gives us a comic relief to our logic because it provides a twist on the tale that we don’t expect. We know that she can not be this dumb so we find this comic funny because it is very different than the original and it validates our common sense. I like the cartoon because it is funny and logical. Also, it wraps the story up the way that it should be, ‘you are not my grandmother, you could not be my grandmother, you’re a wolf.”

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