Sunday, October 25, 2015

Comparison between "Cupid and Psyche" and "The Frog King"
First, let's begin by comparing the two story's messages. The stories both deal with love, that's a given. However, each one has a specific twist on the idea of love. In "The Frog King" by Brother's Grimm, the frog wants the female to keep her promise after he fetched her golden ball. She doesn't want to, but is forced to by her father to take care of the frog. She then throws the frog at the wall and that turns him into his human form. Now, we have no idea what the curse was for this prince. I'm guessing it was "Only when you get bae to throw you against the wall in amphibian form will you become human again...because that follows logical love." Whatever it be, the story deals with loving whats on the inside than the outside. The princess should love the prince no matter what form he is in, not because of the promise, but because you can't just fall for someone because they are suddenly attractive. The over all story looks at two types of unhealthy "relationships". First being forced into because of promises, and others, that leads to hate. The second being a superficial relationship; only liking the other because they fit your idea of appropriate significant other. Cupid and Psyche is a greek myth that deals with a son, Cupid, going against his mothers wishes and marrying a mortal she hates. Psyche then doesn't follow Cupid's wishes and the break up, she goes back to earth and must complete all these tasks if she wants Cupid back. This is about relationship centered around forgiveness and working to be with the other. These are only my interpretations of the story's messages. The relationships outlined in these stories are both outlining two different types of relationships: healthy and unhealthy.
Last, let's take a quick look at the story as a whole. A similarity to point out would be that the female is the one doing the work in the relationship. The female is the one to keep the promise, the female is the one to complete the tasks. This can be important because it shows a stronger more 3D feminine character than typical myths, or fairytale.
Both stories, outline different relationships, and provide a strong female character.


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