Sunday, September 27, 2015

Snow White Comparison
If you google Snow White, Disney’s version makes up a majority of the results. It seems that no one minds the original version as much anymore. Within these two stories minor differences occur. Disney seemed to change the fairytale to fit my Prince will come, and he will save me with the power of love outline. In the original fairytale the prince buys her coffin from the dwarfs and has her body carried around the castle and her coffin drops, releasing the apple in her throat. Disney changed this to the prince searching for her and kissing her to wake her up. The Queens within the stories are different as well. The Queen in the original is her mother, but the Queen in Disney’s version is her step mother. This was done because they didn’t want the audience to put the message that real mothers could be this cruel. Another difference to highlight is that the prince searches for the Snow White (after they had already met in the beginning) in the Disney version and he just happens to find her in the dwarf’s cabin in search of a place to stay the night in the original. The prince searching for Snow White in the original leads the audience to believe that he will come if you wait, and girls don’t have to do anything. In contrast to the original, which conveys luck and that he might find you.
Some similarities that take place within the stories are the outline and most of the characters. The plot of the story stays the same. They introduce the main character, her problem arises, her problem tries to get the best of her, she runs away, the problem comes back for vengeance, she comes out on top with little to no action on her part, and she gets the prince. They kept the same characters in the Disney version as the original with the exception of adding in the animals.

Disney changed the story to untwist the tale a little (changing the mother to a step mother), give the audience hope in endings (the prince finding Snow White after traveling many miles), and to get the audience to believe in true love conquering all (the prince waking Snow White from her curse).

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