Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rapunzel vs. Tangled

Rapunzel and Tangled are suppose to be about the same female character; however, the two are very far apart in plot. The story of original story of Rapunzel deals with Rapunzel being given up as a baby and being locked away. A prince finds her and gets her pregnant. The woman who stole her then plans to hurt the prince and sends Rapunzel away. They prince gets blinded from jumping from the tower and into thorns. He finds Rapunzel and her tears heal him. This story shows maturation through Rapunzel’s character. Meaning that the tales moral has to do with maturing into an adult. Rapunzel is first held in the tower and treated as a child. She is then pregnant and leaves the tower. This shows her assuming the role of an adult.
 Tangled deals more with delivering the happy ending to the child through the actions that happen. This is displayed in the way that the actions of everyone are carried out. The thugs don’t care about Rapunzel running around with Flynn, Rapunzel was stolen as a child (didn’t want to show parents giving up their parents willingly) and the woman that stole her just wants Rapunzel back for her hair. This tale focuses more on delivering a happy ending and funny adventure that Rapunzel goes on. (This is why I believed Disney called the story Tangled and not Rapunzel.)

            The two stories deal with two different morals and in turn make the 
stories very different. The stories share hardly any similarities outside of the mother of Rapunzel needed a plant while pregnant, the girls both being locked away in a tower, and finding love at the end of the story.

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