Friday, November 27, 2015


Over the course of the semester I have learned that everything has a deeper meaning in Fairy tales. For example, the tower in Rapunzel I thought was just an example of mother Gothel’s attempt to keep Rapunzel from the world. In reality the tower is actually a symbol of the connection between earth and the heavens. The class has also helped me take these symbols and come up with a common theme and come to my own conclusion. For example, the way that Rapunzel’s beauty is explained makes her sound like a goddess. With her tower symbolizing the connection between Earth and the Heavens the reader could logically come to the conclusion Rapunzel symbolizes a goddess. When a human comes to her tower, he disrupts her and destructs her. She begins to act like a human and becomes pregnant and is then banished from the tower. Which could be a metaphor for her being banished from the heavens.

         Another lesson I learned was how to write a logical paper. Our blogs taught us how to form ideas on multiple topics. With the blogs being short we could only build of the topic or idea a little. However, these blogs helped us create essays that explained topics with very clear ideas. Before this class I had a hard time writing papers. I would make them very complex and hard to follow. I also wouldn’t be able to explain anything because the topics were too complex. The blogs helped me practice logical flow and thought to help prove my point. They also helped me find my voice. 

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